Digital Cooperation and Diplomacy – Act 1: The Art of Learning

  • Opening: Mei Lin Fung
  • Introduction and Welcome: Declan Kirrane

We are all born with a deeply rooted curiosity and natural learning ability that fuels our understanding of
the world around us. But knowledge is just the tip of the iceberg; it is the art of shared expression that
brings us joy and allows us to truly thrive. At the heart of education is curiosity, which drives us to seek
answers to questions that help us grow and realize the importance of community and culture. In a
connected world, digital technology is one of the keys that will unlock the global exchange of ideas,
perspectives, and expressions that will begin a joyful journey of lifelong learning and lifelong earning for
billions of students across the globe.


1. Mei Lin Fung, People-Centered Internet, US/Singapore/the world – Opening Keynote
2. Ursula Wynhoven, ITU Representative to the United Nations, Australia/UN
3. Peter Fagerström, Teach Millions, Finland/Europe
4. Tiina Neuvonen, Thematic Lead in Education, UN Technology Innovation Lab, Finland/UN
5. Rajinder Jhol, Learning Lead, Global Help Desk, Switzerland/Singapore
6. Baroness Beeban Kidron, Child Online Safety, UK/the world
7. Corrado Perna, INAF, Italy/the world
8. Monica Canton de Celes, Design for Change, Spain/the world
9. Sampath Veeraraghavan, IEEE SIG Humanitarian Technology, Amazon, India/US/the world
10. Dumeetha Luthra, Founder, Take-Pause
11. Marten Kaevats – National digital advisor The Government Office of Estonia
12. Curt Newton, MIT OpenCourseWare, US/the world
13. Calzadilla Sarmiento, UNIDO – Digitalization, Technology and Agri-Business
14. Michael Fung, Deputy CEO, SkillsFuture Singapore, Singapore/the world
15. Andrew Rugege, Africa Moonshot, ITU-Development, Sub-Saharan Africa – Closing Keynote

Digital Cooperation and Diplomacy – Act 1: The Art of Learning

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Sep 24 2020


12:00 PM - 2:00 PM


Mei Lin Fung


  • Andrew Rugege
    ITU-D Director Sub-Saharan Africa (44 countries)
  • Baroness Beeban Kidron
    Child Online Safety, UK
  • Bernardo Calzadilla-Sarmiento
    Bernardo Calzadilla-Sarmiento
    Managing Director, Directorate of Digitalization, Technology and Agri-Business, and Director, Department of Digitalization, Technology and Innovation, United Nations Industrial Development Organization

    Dr. Bernardo Calzadilla-Sarmiento Managing Director of the Directorate of Digitalization, Technology and Agri-Business, and Director of the Department of Digitalization, Technology and Innovation, at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, UNIDO.

    Dr. Calzadilla has been Director for the Technical Assistance and Training at the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). As Director of the Department of Trade, Investment and Innovation, Dr. Calzadilla has been leading the work on quality and standards for trade facilitation, investment for sustainable development and innovation in the context of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

    Dr. Calzadilla has held position in investment promotion, funds mobilization and social responsibility. With more than 25 years of international experience in global development, his involvement includes working in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Dr. Calzadilla holds a Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Economics from the Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria).

  • Corrado Perna
    Corrado Perna
    Chief Policy Officer and Head of Business & Innovation of the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF),

    Corrado Perna, Chief Policy Officer and Head of Business & Innovation of the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF), in charge to plan and to coordinate the global engagement strategies to maximize impact and benefits from the national investments in Astrophysics.

    Front run promoter of the Italian involvement in XXI century global large scale research facilities challenges, such as SKA, CTA and EELT projects, he develops engaging policies targeted to national and international policy makers institutions to build global partnerships for the advancement of science and to position the Italian astrophysics research system in a leading positions on the global cutting-edge initiatives.

    Physicist, background skills as researcher, he has a more than 15 years experience in science policy by leading EU funded projects related to the construction of large scale facilities as well as developing and directing national programs to transfer the benefits from astrophysics researches to industry and society.

  • Curt Newton
    Curt Newton
    Director, MIT OpenCourseWare

    Curt Newton joined MIT OpenCourseWare in 2004, as this program was helping launch the open education movement. Becoming Director in 2018, Curt leads the OCW team working with MIT faculty to keep OCW growing and evolving, publishing many new courses every year, setting the program’s strategic direction and promoting the value of open education. He is also a passionate climate justice advocate, collaborating across MIT’s climate community, and running community workshops and programs as an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador.

  • Dumeetha Luthra
    Founder, Take-Pause
  • Marten Kaevats
    Marten Kaevats
    National digital advisor The Government Office of Estonia

    Marten Kaevats, is the National Digital Advisor in the Government Office of Estonia or unofficially the Chief Innovation Officer of Estonia. He, being responsible for information society and innovation in Estonia, is working on upgrading the interoperability system architecture of his country. The goal of all his work is to build adaptable and future-proof governance architecture, while acknowledging well that predicting that future in its complexity is impossible. Estonia, being a prime example of distributed governance architecture based on human-scale values where every end user is in control of their data, is perfect in testing out new forms of governance suitable for the 21st century.

    He legalised the testing of self-driving vehicles on all public roads in Estonia in 2017 and is the initiator of the Estonian AI policy. He has a master’s degree in architecture and city-planning from the Estonian Academy of Arts. Marten joined the Estonian governmental talent programme in 2015. He studies the impact of various scalable technologies on the socio-spatial behaviour of individual people and communities and describes his discipline as governance architecture. Before joining the government, he was the chief of Tallinn Architectural Biennale 2015 “Self Driven City” curatorial team. Marten is also an active member of several civil society organisations; he was also one of the founding members of the Uue Maailma Selts (New World Society) in 2007 which triggered reformatory changes in participatory democracy and a revolution in civil society, also he founded and contributed to the creation of open source community web platform Community Tools, established in 2008.

  • Michael Fung
    Michael Fung
    Deputy CEO, SkillsFuture Singapore

    Dr Michael Fung is the Deputy Chief Executive (Industry), Chief Human Resource Officer and Chief Data Officer at SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), a statutory board under the Ministry of Education. He oversees the development of the continuing education and training system in Singapore, through managing funding and contractual partnerships with private training providers, institutes of higher learning, and enterprises. He also oversees the human resource function, and champions the data capabilities, governance, and reporting practices at SSG. Michael is an adjunct Senior Fellow at Singapore University of Technology and Design.

    He is Founding President of the Higher Education Planning in Asia Association, and serves on various boards and committees, including IPOS International Board of Governors, and Institute of Banking and Finance Council. He is an alumnus of the University of Southern California and Carnegie Mellon University in the US, and Tsinghua University in China.

  • Mónica Cantón de Celis
    Mónica Cantón de Celis
    Design for Change Global CEO

    Bachelor in Law (UCM) and Masteryourself (3º Generation), she started working in
    the Spanish Red Cross as Provincial Director of Volunteering and Training (León),
    Director of Fundraising, Legal and Property Affairs (León) and Provincial Secretary (Cádiz). A sudden change related her with the education world:
    Coordinator of Design for Change Spain and an external expert of Law
    in the Mondragón University degree of Entrepreneurship, Leadership and
    Innovation (Madrid & Barcelona) and also a team coach in the same
    degree (Madrid)
    She has been recognized as an Honorary Collaborator of the Department of General Didactics, Specifics and Theory of Education of the Faculty of Education
    (University of León).

  • Peter Fagerstrom
    Peter Fagerstrom
    Teach Millions, Finland
  • Rajinder Jhol
    Rajinder Jhol
    Global Help Desk - Learning Lead

    International consultant for Digitization, Governance and Strategic planning (GlobeCraft,StateCraft). Visiting lecturer at the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations (Geneva), Rapporteur at the Institute for Digital Accountability (The Hague), former consultant at UNESCO Knowledge Society (Paris). Former cyberadministration innovation and solution architect (Switzerland). 2020 Nominate for Ashoka Fellow- NextNow Tech and Humanity.
    Author: “L’evolution de l’Hexagone et les défis des Gilet jaunes. A la recherche de bon sens”. A socio-philosophical essay on the challenges of democracy building in France/EU in light of the social unrest. (March 2019)
    Born in Singapore in 1971. Masters in Economics and Political Sciences from University of Fribourg, Switzerland

  • Sampath Veeraraghaven
    IEEE SIG Humanitarian Technology, Amazon
  • Tiina Neuvonen
    Tiina Neuvonen
    Education Thematic Lead, UN Technology Innovation Office

    Tiina is a sociologist & innovation professional combining and understanding of people, technology, and innovation. Currently, she works at the United Nations Technology Innovation Lab (UNTIL) in Finland as a Thematic Lead in Education after being an innovation focal point at UNESCO New York and spending some years in East-Africa overseeing the organization’s ICT innovation portfolio.

    Before joining the UN, Tiina worked in innovation consulting, service design and marketing bringing disruptive ideas to life to build brand value and expand into new markets and categories. From the onset of her career as a researcher of socio-technical issues (Helsinki Institute for Information Technology), she has remained passionate about transformative technologies and their impact on individuals, communities, organizations, and countries.

    Tiina holds a Master’s degree in sociology from Helsinki University, a first-class Bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of York, and a Diploma in Social Innovation from the General Assembly mandated University for Peace in Costa-Rica.

  • Ursula Wynhoven
    Ursula Wynhoven
    ITU Representative to the United Nations, Australia/UN

    Ursula is an international lawyer with 24 years’ experience. She joined the ITU in 2017 as its Representative to the UN. The ITU is the UN’s specialized agency for information & communication technologies with the mission to connect the world. Ursula leads UN relations and represents the agency and its Secretary-General at the UN in NY. She heads the ITU’s UN Liaison Office and works at the intersection of technology and development, promoting digital inclusion and the use of ICTs for sustainable development. Previously, Ursula spent 14 years with the UN Global Compact, the UN’s corporate sustainability initiative. Her last position was Chief, Social Sustainability, Governance & Legal and member of the Executive Committee. Ursula led the UNGC’s work on human rights & decent work, gender equality, poverty & inequality, peace, anti-corruption & the rule of law. Ursula also led legal affairs and oversaw policy development & implementation of the UNGC’s integrity measures.